An Easy Guide to Faux Leather

Lea Whitley
December 27, 2020

So many trends have come and gone in the year of 2020. These days, it feels like the minute I buy a trendy goes out of style. There is one trend birthed in twenty twenty that has proven it is here to stay, though. Faux leather everything. Obviously, leather has (and always will be) a fashion staple in all women’s wardrobes, but this year, top brands took the trend and transformed it into something new. Faux leather does not require the buyer to sacrifice their paycheck for one jacket or pair of pants. Faux leather is classic, stylish, and most importantly, affordable. Over the past few months, I’ve tried many versions of faux leather items from numerous brands. Listed below are the faux leather pieces I’ve purchased and love from all different price ranges. I hope you enjoy!
Love, Life by Lea

Blank NYC Maleficent Shorts
Alice and Olivia Macey Blazer
Alice and Olivia Leather Crop Top

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