Pops of Pink

Lea Whitley
January 20, 2021

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today I want to talk about the color pink (since that’s what we wear on Wednesdays). When you look at ninety nine percent of my outfits, it is very clear that I L O V E the color. In my opinion, pink makes every outfit better. Wearing a boring, all black outfit? Add a pink accessory! Tired of the blue jeans and white tee combo? Throw on some pink sneakers. Need a new statement jacket? Easy, pink!

I think you get my drift. I’m going to show y’all my favorite pieces of pink clothing, accessories and shoes for some inspiration. Add a pop of pink in your life!! I know you won’t regret it.

Love, Life by Lea

Pink Nike Air Force 1
Pink Shoulder Bag
Apparis Pink Fur Coat

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